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I've been using collagen supplements for 3 months and I can feel the benefits! I have more energy, I'm happy with the condition of my skin.

And even though I am young, I have joint pains, my knees crack, and I find it difficult to stand up for longer periods of time after kneeling.
After so much time with the supplements, I feel an improvement in this area too, I can finally feel my age.

Gabrielė Jurkutė

Beauty blogger

At this stage of my sporting career, at the age of 40, my main goal is to stay at the level I am at for as long as possible. And to be able to train the same way I trained 10-15 years ago, I need my joints to be smooth and pain-free. Collagen and glucosamine supplements help me a lot. If you follow me on social media, you can see that I can still do the same exercises and lift the same weights as 10-15 years ago.

The second thing is that my other activities: lecturing, writing books, making videos, need a clear and well-functioning head. This is where a high quality vitamin-mineral complex (isobalance) and especially vitamin D help me. If there is a deficiency, fatigue, low mood and lack of motivation set in.

Andrius Pauliukevičius

Bodybuilder, books author, fitness coach

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