About us

The idea

We, authors of this project, are proponents of a healthy and active life. We had health problems, so intensely searched prevention solutions. However we noticed the lack of products in the market.

The most important requirements were long term effectiveness, absence of the unexpected adverse reaction as well as overall applicability to the body.

  • We noticed that digestive problems can be cured when some simple solutions for the body are done, for example, fiber uptake.

  • We understood that regular uptake of collagen effectively helped to improve the function of movement. 

 This is how the idea of creating the best quality food supplement family YOU 2.0 – friendly solutions for your body, was born.

level you 2.0


YOU 2.0 philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – balanced body gives the opportunity to feel healthy and happy. 

 We have decided to develop YOU 2.0 production line in the three categories:

  • Food supplement for physical activity.

  • Food supplement for digestive system.

  • Food supplement for overall body health promotion, beauty and energy maintaining.


Why is it worth to choose YOU 2.0

1. Effectiveness

We are experts in medicine, therefore YOU 2.0 food supplements are created after taking into consideration its’ effectiveness. Only these decisions helps to balance the body and avoid unpleasant reactions of organism.

2. Quality

Formulas, used ingredients, production process, packing, exact and understandable use recommendations – all these steps are strictly regulated and gives us the possibility to say that YOU 2.0 are food supplements of extraordinary quality.

3. Benefits for clients

We seek to offer an efficient solution instead of selling the most expensive product. We maintain kind and reliable contact with clients and offer the best way to reach body and emotional balance for each client.