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YOU 2.0 Ambassadors

Anelė Šakalytė

Anelė Leonaitė

Athlete, physiotherapist

14 metų profesionalaus sporto (plaukimas ir irklamvimas) pakeitė dabartinė kineziterapeutės karjera, kuri man leido suvokti, kokią svarbią vietą mano gyvenime užima fizinis aktyvumas ir kaip man svarbu turėti subalansuotą, sveiką kūną.
Šarunas Leonavičius

Šarūnas Leonaitis

Crossfit trainer, athlete

Mityba ir organizmo papildymas būtinomis medžiagomis, taip atstatant raumenis ir sąnarius po aktyvios fizinės veiklos - vienas svarbiausių elementų kelyje į geresnę savęs versiją - You 2.0
Domantas Karpinskas

Domantas Karpinskas

Athlete, trainer

Būdamas treneriu puikiai žinau kaip svarbu atstatyti kūną po alinančių treniruočių ir didelio fizinio krūvio. Miegas, poilsis, sveika mityba ir tinkamai pasirinkti maisto papildai - kertiniai elementai kelyje link geresnio savęs.
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You 2.0 food supplements


Collagen is produced in the body and is essential for all of us, especially those who are facing a natural aging process or have heavy physical exertion.


These food particles are often referred to as the "body broom", which helps to eliminate unnecessary and residual products in the digestive system.

Omega 3

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for our body. Unfortunately, our body cannot produce Omega on its own, so it is important to get it with food.

Almond butter

Almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties, slows down the aging process and promotes tissue regeneration.
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Hi, thank you very much, wonderful product. I walk a lot, I felt that I have knee joints :) After taking hydrolysed collagen for a month, the joint pain disappeared.

Joana Krivkiene about Hydrolyzed Collagen

The price is worth the effect you get when you use it. It has helped me with many health problems, from leg joint pain (which practically disappeared after 2 months of use) to the reduction or complete disappearance of papillomas and other unwanted skin problems.

Gintė about Serratiopeptidase

It tasted strange at first, but after a month my taste buds got used to it and I feel a positive effect on my digestive tract. I take it every morning on an empty stomach with warm water.

Marius Rutaitis about Fiber Materials

Very pleasant taste, the effects are quickly apparent! Nails have stopped breaking, the condition of the hair has improved considerably! Fantastic!

Carol about Collagen Shots

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