Anelė Leonaitė

Athlete, physiotherapist

After 14 years of professional sport (swimming and rowing) I became physiotherapist and then realized what an important place in my life takes physical activity and how important for me is to have a balanced and healthy body. I understand that we won't have that without discipline, proper nutrition and daily care of your organism. Every morning I wake up with a mindset that today I will strive for a better version of myself without compromises.

Šarūnas Leonaitis

Crossfit trainer, athlete

I tried a lot of activities in my life and can boldly tell - I feel best now, actively exercising and sharing my knowledge during Crossfit workouts. I can see my clients smiling, becoming stronger and growing as individuals which brings me a lot of joy. I understand that nutrition and supplementing your body with necessary materials while rebuilding muscles and joints after intensive physical activity is on of the most important elements on the way to a better version of yourself - YOU 2.0.

Domantas Karpinskas

Athlete, trainer

Since childhood sport was my passion that gave me new friends, opened new opportunities and educated me as an individual. After some time this passion became my profession. After I finished Bachelors and Masters studies in Sports and Clinical Physiotherapy programs I realized how human body reacts to physical exercises and activity. Being a trainer I know how important it is to rebuild your body after exhausting workout. Sleep, rest, healthy nutrition and right food supplements are the pillars to a better version of yourself.